Enogastronomia locale

From the Valpolicella Amarone to Bardolino Chiaretto: in the country surrounding Hotel Romantic some of the most prestigious Italian wines are produced. Book your tasting at Restaurant La Magnolia, walk through the Strada del Vino and visit local wineries. Discover the dishes of the Veronese culinary tradition.

Strada del vino Valpolicella. A wonderful hilly territory located just a few km from Verona, Valpolicella is enclosed between the Valdadige, Lessinia and the Verona plain. Besides enjoying an excellent climate, this area offers incomparable beauty: you can admire beautiful landscapes through the green vineyards and the striking natural and architectural beauties.

Strada del vino Bardolino. An area rich in landscapes, architectural elements (castles, villas, churches), food and wine production, structures and spaces for a relaxing holiday. La Strada del Vino Bardolino stretches along 80 km.

Consortium of Custoza. Born in 1972, it currently includes approximately 70 wineries and 500 wine growers. The vineyards are mainly based on the natural native grapes of Garganega, Trebbianello and Fernanda Bianca, spanning a total of about 1200 hectares, located in the hills between Verona and Lake Garda.

Valeggio. This precious town is located in a hilly and gentle landscape between two regions in the Province of Verona; its language and historic memories refer therefore to the Venetian-Lombard culture. Famous all around Italy for the Valeggio tortellini, stuffed egg pasta with meat, a recipe dating back to the fourteenth century, Valeggio welcomes visitors with a number of mouth-watering traditional dishes.

Movimento Turismo del Vino. Born in 1993, it is a nonprofit association including approximately 1,000 of the most prestigious wineries in Italy. With its ongoing commitment the Movimento del Vino aims to increase the national wine tourism industry, a vital economic resource for the development of the territory and an effective tool for the protection of the environment.